Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 months old?

I can't believe it :(
My baby girl is getting so darn big!!
Rylee had her 6 month check with Dr. Johnson today, she weights 16 lbs.(50%) and is 27 inches long (80%)
We are wearing 3 months, 6 months, AND 9 months clothes now haha
Size 3 diapers
Still don't fit into very many pairs of shoes :( She has the most petite feet.
Rylee loves rice cereal and oatmeal. She is such a good eater! Doesn't love the whole veggies and fruits thing... but we'll get there! (we just started yesterday)
There's no doubt about it.... her daddy is her very most favorite person! She loves him. Sometimes I think she is sick of her mom, but I just can't let myself think that way ;)
Rylee rolls over onto her tummy but will not roll back over onto her back.... don't know why. She has no desire to go anywhere. So kind of like her stubborn daddy, don't try to get her to roll over to ya, she won't!She is just fine where she is, and honestly so am I. I don't want her to grow up ANY MORE...
She likes to sit up on her bum, but she is still pretty wobbly. She is fine for a min and then tumbles over. We'll get there :)
Rylee loves to talk, and sometimes when the radio is on I think she is trying to sing along haha She is a hoot.
NO matter who is talking to her, or where we are, and what kind of mood she has been in, she WILL smile at you. I love it! She is such a happy girl.... most of the time!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Thankful...

Isn't it funny how even when you are having a moment of "low" or it's been a hard weekend, you still can't help but take a moment to think about all of the MANY things that you are thankful for... I don't know if I'm writing this post because it's a time to be thankful since it'so close to Thanksgiving, or if it's just because I have so many things to be happy about.
My incredibly, loving, truely self less parents, and in-laws. They do soo many nice things for us. Constantly spoiling Rylee to no end, and always suprising me with little bags of food and diapers on my door step. Seriously?? Could not get any luckier!
Gentry... even when he is driving me crazy, I love him with all of my heart. I would not be the woman I am today if it had not have been for him and his example. He is a wonderful person and has a wonderful sense of humor that is always making me smile.
My little miss.... LOVE is not a big enough word for how I feel for her.
Binkies... haha honestly. Sometimes I can't handle it, and a binkie has always gotta be on hand at all times.
Dr Graf.... What a kind person! I am soo so lucky to be able to work with him and all of the wonderful girls at that office. Those girls are some of my very best friends, and they will never know how much they have helped me.
My siblings... (brother and sister in laws included) I love all of them very much. My sisters and I get along soo well, we always have.
Warm water... We are so spoiled. There are people all over this world that don't get to experience a nice hot shower but yet I get so angry in the morning if I go to get in the shower and all of the hot water is gone (people upstairs=water hogs) I love my warm showers so much! haha
Our Father in Heaven... he may not answer your prayers right away, or even how you want them to be answered, but some how he makes it all work out! I love that we have the opportunety to pay our tithing, it has made my life soo much easier. I love the Temple, and i'm thankful to be apart of such a wonderful plan, and that I have the opportunety to live with the ones I love for eternity.

This weekend Gentry is off at this monthly tournament, and to be honest it gets old.. haha I love that he has something that he enjoys doing and all, but I really miss him when he is away. That is probably the only thing I am glad about with this cold weather getting closer and closer... NO MORE SOFTBALL!!!!!! :)

We had my friend Kelsey take our family pictures a little bit ago, and she did such a great job.. I'm so happy with all of them!!! Thank you again Kelsey B :) It is crazy how much you appreciate your photos and the memories they will hold always. That is probaly my biggest fear is having a fire and loosing all of my photos... Who cares about a replacable closet full of clothes(well.... I kind of do) But I never want to loose my memories. I'm getting kind of deep tonight haha I think it's late, and I'm tired... So anyways here they are :)

 The Beans 2011

she's my favorite!

what a stink! haha

my favorite haha

she likes to eat his face

Saturday, October 29, 2011

UGLY blog.

I need some help.... If anybody would like to help me make my blog cute, it would be so appreciated. I don't know how to get rid of the initial background when you first pull up my page, and I would like to have a cute Heading..... SOMEBODY... HELP! ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

can you say SAA-SSYY!

We have developed a little bit of an attitude. If Rylee wants something, and we don't give it to her RIGHT THEN.... forget it. She will scream at you for at least an hour if not more, and nothing you try to do for this girl will help.. haha sometimes I just have to sit and laugh at her because there is nothing else I can do. I hope this doesn't get worse! She is stubborn just like her daddy... ;) But she sure is cute, soo who can stay mad at this??

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Four months old!

Is she just the cutest  baby ever?? I know I know we all think that about our own babies... ;) But seriously.... I love her!!!
Rylee weights 13 lbs and is 25 inches long now, she is in the 25% and then her head is in the 10%
She is the happiest baby and is always smiling at anyone and everyone that she sees.
She loves to blow bubbles and spit AALLL over her clothes. Her shirts are always in her mouth and always wet. You would think she was teething with all that slobber but none yet!
Rylee LOOOVES her dad!!! That is seriously an understatment though.... He is the one person that she smiles for no matter what. And vis versa :) They are so cute together..
She is such a little wiggler. Always moving her arms and legs around like crazy. She still hasn't figured out the rolling over thing. She'll do it, but not on purpose. She does like to be on her tummy more so then usual, so we'll get there.
Rylee wears size 2 diapers now and is finally in her 3-6 month clothes, but still wearing 0-3 month pajamas?
We have started putting her in our shower instead of the kitchen sink for her night time bath and she LOVES it. She could lay there and kick and splash herself in the face for hours.. Gentry and I just watch her and laugh the whole time... she is our entertainment. (what did we do before her??)
I gave her her first hair cut the other day... and then I cried. She kind of looked like a little boy at first haha It looks lots better though and actually looks like she has more hair, so it's a good thing, but I still was so sad I almost drove to the mall and got her ears pierced right then! but I didn't :) Maybe someday when she's older!
I can't believe how fast time has gone by... she is getting so big, but getting so much funner!! I love this little stink so much :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rylee's Blessing day

We wanted to wait to bless Rylee... at least 3 months. So we decided September 25th would be the day.. And it was a good day :) Rylee was such a happy girl all day, so smiley and so sweet.. Oh man, I love this girl sooo stinking much! It was a small event, we didn't invite our whole families... because they are very large haha So it was just grandparents and siblings, but it was perfect. Gentry gave our daughter the most beautiful blessing... Everything he was saying was just perfect. He was so nervous though, afterwards he took her darling (clean) blanket and wiped his whole head off because he was sweating like CRAZY! I felt bad. Rylee was so quiet and content through the whole thing... didn't make a peep. My father-in-law said she was just staring at her daddy... She loves him so much! We're so lucky to have him... He's such a good dad and husband, and what a great feeling it is to have that priesthood holder in our home always. He is the best!

Check out this princess :) Grandma Ayah gave her her blessing dress.. it was beautiful on her. Thanks Ayah!

The dress was a little big on her... but it was still cute!

My mother and mother-in-law helping with alot of the food along with my wonderful sisters. Could not have done it without all of their help!

I love my family!

Dad, stop teasin' me!

Happy Blessing Day Rylee girl.. We sure love you lots!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some days I need some. But what's new! Ha!

Speaking of help..... What a good show, The Help. From what I saw anyway! Rylee was not a very good girl in the movie theatre tonight. I have taken her to a movie before and she did great, so I thought "oh she'll be fine....." nope. I was so excited to see that show too. My sisters and mom and I have been waiting for weeks so we could all get together and go see it, and I spent most of the time in the hall. Love that little Rylee girl so much, but tonight we did not like eachother very much. haha But from what I saw it looked so good, so I might just go and read the book now instead.

Other then that, life is going pretty good.. I can't complain! Gentry and I work opposite schedules, he works in the morning and I'm in the afternoon, and then when I come home he leaves to go to the gym and then to play a couple games of softball so we don't see eachother very much, but we manage to go on one date a week, so that's good right?! haha

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to give up breastfeeding or not... I have been pumping since I've been back to work, and it is so hard. I pump every 3 hours, I take my pump to work and pump in the closet and it is so annoying. It wouldn't be annoying except my milk supply is not even close to what it use to be, so we're giving her formula every other bottle if not more, so it sucks, I don't know if it's worth it or not! It stresses me out more then anything and I feel like it might be better if I just quit. But I am not a quitter!!!! Who knows though... I'm doing everything I can to build my milk supply and nothing is working... See what I mean, I keep fighting myself on this one.... It will work out.

Gosh, I think this whole post has been of me venting..... I'm kind of negative nelly today.. sorry! On the more possitive note :) Rylee is great!! Bestest baby ever. She has started the whole faking cough thing... it's pretty funny. She is going to be the biggest drama queen, and I love it.. She is already so sassy! From the day she was born. She is always moving the crazy thing... if i set her down to change her diaper, she scoots away. She'll scoot around the whole room if I let her. I thought babies were suppose to get alittle bit older and bigger to always want to be going places and moving themselves around??? She is one crazy girl... I love her though :)

A lot of my very close friends are having babies or have already had babies this year, so it's so much fun to think that Rylee is going to have some friends to play with...

My sisters Jamie and Noell both had baby girls recently, Whitley Jo who was born just 3 days after Ry, and Jamie's little 6 toed girl (seriously! she has 6 toes) Elise Carolyn was born just a couple weeks ago.

My friends Kenzie and Megan from work had darling little boys Holden Mark and Hayden Tyler... Who some day will hopefully take little Rylee girl on a date when she's older ;) and Danielle who is due in December with a baby girl... So excited for her!

Amber's darling little Lillie was born in May... who we still have not met :(

Rylee's bestest friend Bentley Mae Melton was born a week before Rylee. Proud parents Lindsey and JJ. JJ is one of Gentry's very close friends, and I love that Lindsey and I were able to become so close... She and JJ are such great friends, we love them!

Erin is due any day now with her little man Liam, he's going to be so handsome, and Erin and Neal are going to be amazing parents!

Sharlene and Matt are expecting their sweet little girl in a few more weeks... Juliette Romero! How darling is that?! Soo excited for Shar!

My good friend Megan is due with her little girl Lydia very soon.... She will be such a great mom, I'm excited for them.

See, I told you there are so many!!

And Gentry has two other very good friends that are expecting boys this coming year, so we're excited for them!!

I just love babies.... Way before Rylee came along, before Gentry came along, I knew that I was going to love having a baby... because I loved other peoples babies. SO much! I don't know what it is about going to the hospital right after a baby is born and holding them for the first time... They are so pure and so perfect. I love the way they smell and the way they make those darling little facial expressions. Such an amazing experience too when you are actually the person that is in the hospital bed haha wow.... What a special day! For all of you ladies that are about to start your incredible journeys of parenthood... Take it all in. Enjoy every second of being in that delivery room. Watch your husband when that baby is born.. Now that is a rewarding feeling :) that was my favorite part while working in labor and delivery. I would assist during delivery's, and I remember very few times of watching the baby come out, my favorite thing to watch was the dad and mom and the dad together. Such a cool thing. I would be pregnant ANY DAY, just so I could have that experience again. And for any of you that I have talked to about how much I hated being pregnant, you know that's huge if I'm sayin that! haha Actually, not ANY DAY soon... but some day maybe a few years down the road ;)

...And it's waaayyy past my bed time! Good night :)