Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 months old?

I can't believe it :(
My baby girl is getting so darn big!!
Rylee had her 6 month check with Dr. Johnson today, she weights 16 lbs.(50%) and is 27 inches long (80%)
We are wearing 3 months, 6 months, AND 9 months clothes now haha
Size 3 diapers
Still don't fit into very many pairs of shoes :( She has the most petite feet.
Rylee loves rice cereal and oatmeal. She is such a good eater! Doesn't love the whole veggies and fruits thing... but we'll get there! (we just started yesterday)
There's no doubt about it.... her daddy is her very most favorite person! She loves him. Sometimes I think she is sick of her mom, but I just can't let myself think that way ;)
Rylee rolls over onto her tummy but will not roll back over onto her back.... don't know why. She has no desire to go anywhere. So kind of like her stubborn daddy, don't try to get her to roll over to ya, she won't!She is just fine where she is, and honestly so am I. I don't want her to grow up ANY MORE...
She likes to sit up on her bum, but she is still pretty wobbly. She is fine for a min and then tumbles over. We'll get there :)
Rylee loves to talk, and sometimes when the radio is on I think she is trying to sing along haha She is a hoot.
NO matter who is talking to her, or where we are, and what kind of mood she has been in, she WILL smile at you. I love it! She is such a happy girl.... most of the time!

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